Pour Moi ! Ben oui ... quoi?!

To hold me closer or set me free
To trust completely or let it be
You don't know my destiny
You can't see what I can see

Hey - I wish I cared
Hey - I wish I cared

To love me truely or let me go
Inbetween I don't want to know
This is how it has to be
No more us and no more we

Hey - I wish I cared
Hey - I wish I cared

Once again, on the station
See your face in a crowd
Comes again the sensation
You can't hear yourself think
With their voices inside your head

Hey - I wish I cared

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sarah tu as raison on est jamais mieux servi que par soi meme mdrr

Écrit par : Petite fée | 22/09/2009

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